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Samchon Oe is Jadoo's uncle who is known to like music. He is seen as the guitarist in the opening song of Hello Jadoo.

Episode Shown: Life Without Mom

Heavenly Singing Contest

Goodbye Mom


A funny yet sweet a uncle to Jadoo. His concern for Jadoo was lately discovered in Episode 11 wherein Jadoo and her friends were playing when suddenly they fell unto a small pond, they can't swim so Samchon Oe used his guitar in order to save Jadoo and his friends. And although Samchon Oe's guitar is broken because of what he did he is happy he saved Jadoo and her friend's lives.

Occupation:Song Dang


He wears a purple t-shirt, he has freckles on his face, and has a wavy golden brown hair.He always brings his guitar with him.