Cafe Interior


Bath House


Seonghun's House

Jadoo House

Jadoo's House

Cafe Edit

A place where Jadoo and her friends eat at after school or the weekends. Mostly, they go for Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes) or Gimbap (Sushi Roll, korean style).

Bathhouse Edit

Eunhui House

Eunhui's House

A place where Jadoo always goes to when she needs to take a bath or shower. Normally, she goes with her family.

Seonghun's House Edit

Doldol House

Doldol House

It is a very big, high quality, spectacular, expensive house in Jadoo's Town. She has been there 2 times. One to hang out with Seonghun and another for a place to stay when a tree branch attacked her house.

Jadoo's House Edit

Where Jadoo and her family lives all the time. There are 2 bedrooms,one for here parents and another for the kids. There is one room for dining, watching TV and playing, a regular size backyard, and a bathroom, room, where the family's big pots are seen.

Eunhui's House Edit



Eunhui's House is a regular sized home. Jadoo has been to her house once, for her party. Eunhui has a big dining room, a beautiful looking bedroom with a pink princess bed and many stuffed animals, her mom's room, her sister's room and bathrooms.

Doldol's House Edit



Minji's House

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