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  • lanning: jangjinwon
  • Executive producer: Number of whether
  • Directed by: seokjong up
  • Assistant director: gimjusu
  • Original: Yibin
  • Scenario: joeungyeong
  • Animation Director: sonseokwoo
  • Conti: Kwak Mira
  • Won: sonseokhyeong, yangsejeong
  • Layout: munchanghui
  • Coloring: juyoungsam, people of wisdom
  • Background key: jeongmigyeong
  • Background: gimgipyo, jeongmigyeong
  • Jakgam fairy tale: gimjeongyeon
  • Fairytale: Kim, Eun - Kyung
  • Scan / color: singisu, sinyoungsun
  • Character Design: Park, So - Young
  • Props design: ganghyeonjin
  • Edit: jonamgyeong
  • Effect: gimgipyo
  • Progress: gimsanghwa
  • Organize: Kim Dong - Hyun, Lee, Myoung - Hee, gangyumi
  • Operation: the main heat up, yiminsun
  • Marketing: gimjiyun, yuseonju, Lee Jong Hyuk, for example hongji
  • Online: jowoochan, gimseunghwan, chaeun window, yisinhye
  • Record production: seokjong up
  • Recording / Mixing: gimsegwang
  • Music: gimjeongah
  • Sound Effects: choejigeol
  • Total Edit: simjeonghui
  • Recording studios: CICMEDIA
  • Original publication: (Note) Haksan cultural history
  • Sponsored by the Korea Communications Commission
  • Joint Planning: Korea Radio Promotion Agency (KORPA), Tooniverse
  • Production: Tooniverse, ah tunjeu

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