Nanhyang Gim / Nanhyang Choe
764088 13
Transliteration name Gimnanhyang
Korean name 김난향
Age 39 years old
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Occupation Housewife
First appearance Episode 1

She is Jadoo Choe's mother and also Mimi Choe's mother. She always caught Jadoo for being troublemaker and disrespect to her parents. Like Jadoo, She always yell at her husband for being lazy to stand when it's cleaning time and too lazy to wake up as seen in Episode 1.

Even she is one of the arrogant character of the series, she still have a good heart to take care her family while her husband is on work for whole day.


Episode 1 - On the beginning day, she scolded Jadoo, because she got lower grade on a quiz. She also scolded Jadoo for cheating getting her allowance when Jadoo hit her hands and she fall on the coin. She also scolded Jadoo when her teacher sent Jadoo to detention

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