Minji Gim
Episode 1-34
Transliteration name Gimminji
Korean name 김민지
Age 9 years old
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
School level Grade 3
First appearance Episode 1

She is Jadoo's best friend and she also has 3 cousins and this alias named "Cicada" but the original anime and the comic book.

In fact the Animation discribe her as a Grade 2, She just transfer there.


Episode 1 - She remind to Jadoo, that she is dead (Punished) when she get home after she did on her mother and the coins.

Episode 2 - as a cameo

Episode 3 - NO APPERANCE

Episode 4 - She ask why Jadoo is having problem on her tommy, it was reveal last night Jadoo ate too much donut. Later, They both spy on the mysterious kid who hit Jadoo's tommy 2 hours ago.


More photos you want? Go to Minji's gallery.

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