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Mimi Choi is Jadoo's younger sister. She is considered to be quite vain as she enjoys pretty clothes and appearances. Mimi is also shown to be quite lady like compared to Jadoo's tomboyish behavior. Due to these differences her and her sister do not easily get along. However Mimi has been shown to often be loving and often teams up with her sister and brother to achieve their goals.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mimi is a very pretty young girl. She is often thought of as the far more attractive sibling and goes great lengths to ensure that it stays that way. She has a fair complexion with pink, rosy cheeks and an adorable button nose. Mimi has big brown eyes with long lashes and caramel brown hair that she inherited from her father. In addition, she wears two yellow bows tied around her small pigtails with a small rose colored barette on the right side of her face. Her clothing includes a matching pink dress with a small white collar and two pockets. Mimi's socks are white lace and her shoes are magenta Mary Jane's.
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Mimi being vain


Mimi is shown to be selfish and vain sometimes, always caring about her appearance. But it is shown occasionally in some episodes that she is kind and cares about the people she loves, especially Jadoo.

Friends:Tagana(best friends)

Enemies:Tagana(best enemies)

Relatives: Hodol Choi,Nanhyang Choe,Jadoo Choi,Seunggi Choi