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Mimi being vain

Mimi Choi is Jadoo's little sister.


Mimi is shown to be selfish and vain sometimes, always caring about her appearance. But it is shown occasionally in some episodes that she is kind and cares about the people she loves, especially Jadoo.

Friends:Tagana(best friends)

Enemies:Tagana(best enemies)

Relatives: Hodol Choi,Nanhyang Choe,Jadoo Choi,Seunggi Choi

Physical AppearanceEdit

Mimi is shown to be quite pretty and cute. She has a fair complexion with pink, rosy cheeks.She has big brown eyes with long eyelashes and caramel brown hair, like her father. She wears to yellow bows tied around her pigtails with a small pink barette at the side of her hair. She wears a pink dress with a white sailor collar.