Jadoo Choe
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Transliteration name Choi Jadoo
Korean name 최자두 Choejadu
Age 9
Birthday September 27th
Gender Female
Occupation Student (Grade 3)
Family Members Choi HoDol (Father)
Kim NanHyang (Mother)
Choi Mimi (Younger Sister)
Chou SeongGi (Younger Brother)
Samchon Oe (First Cousin Once Removed)
Maternal Grandmother
First Appearance Episode 1

Choi Jadoo is the main character of Hello Jadoo. She is Minji Gim's best friend and the eldest child/daughter of her family. 


Jadoo has slightly tanned skin, big brown eyes and long dark brown hair. Her bangs are short/baby style, which is cut straight across her forehead and is slightly above her eyebrows. She also ties her hair in a Chinese braid hairstyle using red marble bubbles. Jadoo is often seen wearing a bright yellow long sleeved T-shirt with dark blue knee-length pants during her free time while wearing a yellow blouse and dark blue skirt during school time. She also has a pair of bright red shoes which she wears almost everyday. Jadoo is often being said to have an "unfeminine" or "dirty" face due to her mischievous and active personality of playing outdoors but actually she is very cute and attractive, at least towards Yunseok and Seonghun.


Jadoo is childish, naughty and has a 'tomboyish' personality. She doesn't like people bossing her around, telling her what to do and she doesn't like people judging her. Jadoo loves playing outdoors activity and dislikes doing her homework. She can also be very understanding and caring.


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