Jadoo's School in Seasons 1 and 2

This school is where Jadoo goes to have an education.

However, there is no official name for this school yet, but it is an elementary school. There are about 6-11 teachers and one principal. There has not been an official number of students yet either.

Jadoo is in Ms. Lee, one of the third grade teachers at this school.

Inside the school, there are one flight of stairs, which brings us to the other grades of this elementary school.

Since Mimi is young, and went up the stairs in the episode You have a crush on me, it would probably be the first grade or kindergarten.

There is only one official janitor at this school.

There is also an auditorium/gym room that is behind the school. It looks like another building, but it connects to this school building. (The brown one behind the white painted school)

Students of this School