Hello Jadoo Episode 1 Transcript (ENGLISH)

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*loud noise* Edit

Mom: Dear?! Aren't you going to work? Edit

Dad: Ok...Ok... Edit

*Mom opens door* Edit


*Jadoo Groans in Bed* Edit

Dad: *groans* I don't feel well Edit

Mom: Mimi, what are you doing? You're supposed to make your bed! Edit

Mimi: ah~ Edit

Bebe brushes his teeth, Dad & Jadoo are sleeping Edit

Mom: YOU GUYS! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! (Throws Jadoo and Dad into the air) Edit

Dad: I'm late! See you later! Edit

Mom: Don't drink! And come home early! Edit

Jadoo: This and this and, I'm done! Edit

Minji: Jadoo, let's go to school! Edit

Jadoo: I'll be right there! Edit

Mimi & Bebe: It's Minji! Edit

Bebe: Good Morning Edit

Mimi: Good Morning Minji! Edit

Minji: How are you guys? Edit

Jadoo: Let's go Minji! Edit

Mom: Do you have everything? Edit

Jadoo: Oh yeah, can you give me some money, I need to bring flowers to school Edit

Mom: This girl and her school. *grunts* Edit

Mom: Here, a dollar 50 should be enough. Edit

Jadoo: You don't have dollar bills? I need 2 dollars to buy other things. Edit

Mom: What's wrong with coins? And you can ask them for a stupid discount. Just take a dollar 50! Edit

*Jadoo Pouts* Edit

Mom: What? You don't want it? Edit

Jadoo throws the money on the floor Edit

Mom: GASP! Jadoo just what do you think you're doing?! Edit

Mimi and Bebe take the money quickly Edit

Mom: Hey! Edit

Jadoo: Run! Edit

Mom: JADOO! Just wait till you get home! Edit

When Jadoo & Minji Left the House Edit

*Jadoo Laughs* Edit

Minji: Jadoo why flowers are so expensive? Edit

*Jadoo Hums* Edit

Minji: Uh Jadoo the flower shop is this way. Edit

Jadoo: Follow me. Edit

Minji: Where are you going? Edit

Jadoo: It's hard to get money from my mom these days. Edit

Minji: What? Edit

Jadoo: I'm going to dig up flowers and save money Edit

*Jadoo looks at flowers* Edit

Jadoo: Huh? Is it too cold for flowers to bloom now? Edit

Jadoo: Ah! I see one! Edit

Jadoo: Here I go! Edit

*Jadoo quickly climbs up the tree* Edit

Jadoo: uh...just a little more... *in a stressful way* Edit

Minji: Uh...jadoo! It's dangerous be careful! Edit

Jadoo: Eh...Got it! Edit

Jadoo: uh... Edit

*Jadoo falls down* Edit

Minji: I told you to be careful Edit

Jadoo: GASP! Hurry! Quick! Run! Edit

*Class Gasps* Edit

Korean Transcript: Edit

Down Below Edit

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