Name:Halmeoni Oe Transliteration name:Doldo Korean name:Halmeoini Oe Age:9 Birthday:Unknown Occupation:Student (Grade 3)

Halmeoni Oe is Jadoo's friend. He is Jadoo's frenemy, which means that he is nice and mean to her in many ways. Also known as Doldol on Disney Channel,


Halmeoni has black eyes and brown hair. He is chubby too. Halmeoni wears a green shirt and blue overalls with an H on the front. He also has a cap colored blue and red.


Halmeoni Oe is childish like Jadoo, A bully but a friend on the episode that jadoo is alone in the playground and Jadoo meet him.Halmeoni was just going to cram school, but instead, he wanted to play and hang out with Jadoo on the playground by playing games.

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