Please Respect My Privacy  

 Jadoo's mom is trying to look at her daughter's diary to see what she has been up to.  

When Mom read Jadoo's journal, there was a story about Jadoo having a crush on a boy. According to her diary,  

she met him after she left the classroom. After she left the classroom, she fell on the floor. When she fell, that boy was asking "are you okay?" and tried to help her feel better. That's when Jadoo had a crush on him.  

The next day, Jadoo meets that same boy at recess. He was washing his hands by the outside sink. When Jadoo tried to say hi, another girl wanted to talk to him and got mad at Jadoo for going by him.  
HD 안녕자두야 8회-나의 프라이버시를 지켜줘14:42

HD 안녕자두야 8회-나의 프라이버시를 지켜줘

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