Hello jadoo vietsub (I like Jadoo)11:40

Hello jadoo vietsub (I like Jadoo)

Hello Jadoo Episode 3-I like Jadoo

I like Jadoo
안녕자두야 0314:46

안녕자두야 03

Today there was a new student at the school.His name is Seonghun Chang. He is a calm boy. When teacher saw him, she wanted to find a chair for him. He sat by Jadoo. Yunseok did not like him. When it was time to play soccer, Yunseok could not play because he was in good shape. While they were playing soccer Jadoo's face was dirty cause of playing rough. When she was washing her face Seonghun saw her. At first he didn't like her then when Jadoo was showing her long hair, Seonghun had a crush on her. Then Jadoo and Seonghun became BFFs! They would share pencils, lunches, and traits.

After School Seonghun went to Jadoo's House to do homework untill Mimi needed some color pencils. So then they went to Seonghun's house. He has a pet snail at home. Seonghun named it Green. So Jadoo went to the School Park and tried to find green a friend. Suddenly, Yunseok accidentaly kicked a ball on the school wall, and tried to get his soccer ball back, but instead he wanted to pick up a fight with Seonghun. Jadoo tried to stop the fight, but something even worse happened! Yunseok threw Seonghun's snail! Seonghun and Jadoo got very very mad, and so Seonghun punched him in the face, and Jadoo dealed with Yunseok too.

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