*Class Laughing*

Jadoo: The truth is, they're different in every way. Even their blood types and personalities. I have no idea how they can be together.

Ms. Lee: Uh...Jadoo?

Jadoo: What's wrong with you guys? I haven't even started.

*alarm clock rings*

Mom: Huh? I'm up a bit late.

Jadoo: My mom wakes up really early.

Mom starts making lunch

Mom: Hurry and get up! You have to go to school.

*Jadoo: *Groans* Just 5 more minutes...

*Mom hits Jadoo*

Jadoo: Ow!

Jadoo: I'm going to school

Then Mom starts cleaning the dishes

Mom: The sun is out. Maybe I should wash the blankets and hang them up to dry for today.

Mom starts washing the blankets.

Mom: Phew,what else can be done?

Mom starts looking at her book

Jadoo: She dosen't really like to spend money, and her nick name is cheap stake.

Mom: Oh dear...we spend too much money this month. This won't do! We have to save more!

I need to cut pack on Jadoo's allowance, food, clothes, dad's allowence, mismatch... We have to cut back on everything!

Jadoo: I'm home

Mom: Huh?

Jadoo looks dirty

Mom: Look how dirty you are Jadoo!

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