Episode 1: My name is Choi Jadoo

This episode is kind of like "What's it like to be me" Episode

So first Jadoo's Mom wakes up her daughter angrily because Jadoo was falling asleep then when she woke up she asked her mom for some money, Jadoo wasn't pleased so she threw the money on the ground & her siblings got it. Then her mom was very angry at Jadoo and she ran with Minji. 

While she was with Minji, Jadoo wanted to get a flower for gardening lessons today. She was about to take the flower but she didn't make it. =(

Then at school, the class was doing a gardening lesson outside. Jadoo was taking care of the flowers untill she meet Yunseok & DolDol. 

Yunseok was making fun of Jadoo and he threw a bug at Jadoo. Jadoo shirked! Then Minji told him to stop this right now! Then Yunseok was faking nice, and threw bugs at Jadoo & Minji. Jadoo got really really mad so she chased Yunseok untill he got up a tree. Then Jadoo was about to throw a shoe at him and then something bad happened...there was a bee hive and you know that means? THERE WAS BEES! The Bees were messing the whole garden and the whole school! The Students were running so fast!  While they were running, the bees were close to Yunseok. 

But Jadoo did not help him =(. The bees attacked him!

After the Bee Incident, the teacher was furious at Jadoo and Yunseok for their poor behavior. The teacher said that both of them had to write apology letters. 

When Jadoo came home, Her mom was also furious at her and she got a Spanking. 

Last but not least, Jadoo was sadly writing about what happened at school today, she felt really bad.



Hello Jadoo (Korean) Ep1 - My Name is Jadoo Choi09:59

Hello Jadoo (Korean) Ep1 - My Name is Jadoo Choi

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