1. Eureka

2. I am a fashionista

3. Autumn Sports Day

4. Jadoo's story of Chunyang 

5. Help out the needy

6. An old umbrella

7. You have a crush on me

8. A Romantic Mix-Up

9. Cash Follower

10. No more Teasing

11. Hello Dudu

12. Yellow

13. Fall Picnic Tragedy

14. We want Dad

15. May is Blue 

16. I saw Anbwatda

17. My mom is an alien

18. You're ruining my friendship

19. I beat him over the guy

20. Summer Vacation

21. Goodbye Poverty

22. Bebe's Christmas

23. Birth of Doctor

24. Jadoo's Dream

25. Cheer Up Dad

26. I need affection

27. Genie's Magic

28. Jadoo's is a real prophet?

29. Mannito

30. The Best Furniture

31. Autumn is sad to Minji

32. A Christmas Nightmare

33. Jadoo's Diary

34. Find the pan dumpling waste

35. Chain Letters

36. Do not take the brain rebellion

37. Find the Sturdy Child

38. The Secret

39. Hard to get Red Nails

40. Stewardess Minji

41. Mom and Dad's Wedding Anniversary

42. Camping Favorites

43. It might be the first love

44. Oh My Sweet Home

45. Flu Shot

46. Advisory Eye Disease

47. I hate this milk!

48. On how to fix unbalanced

49. Where's my friend's house?

50. Secrets of the Great Banana

51. Gifts for Dad

52. The third child

53. Jadoo wears glasses

54. Compendium Good Health

55. It's Delicious

56. Happy Birthday Eunhui

57. I want to be cool

58. Elk Warrants

59. Mom's dance of the wind

60. Little Miss Korea

Note: some of these episodes (when you click on one) might be in english dub, english sub or korean.

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